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Welcome to WVLicense.com!


WVLicense.com is a full license management software solution that has been custom developed to meet the needs of licensing boards within the state of West Virginia. WVLicense.com is a product of WV Designs, an internet development company renowned for providing quality software and web sites for governmental agencies throughout the state.

This feature rich software application allows board to leverage the full potential of the internet to easily manage and track all of their licensees and licenses. Board administrators can access accounts and lookup information from anywhere with internet access through the easy to use software interface.

Individuals licensed through the board can also log into a special web portal custom designed to match the board's website that allows them access to their account information to update contact information, submit online applications, track continuing education credits, and even submit online credit card payments for licensing fees!

  • Account Management
    Full control and tracking of licensee information, including contact information, unlimited home and work addresses and phone numbers, demographical information, account notes, and more. All changes are tracked to provide a full audit trail. The system works well with any number of accounts, from a few dozen to tens of thousands.

  • Multi-User Support
    The system allows for each board administrator to have their own login credentials to the site. All actions throughout the site are tracked for historical purposes, meaning you will always be able to determine who made changes and when they were completed. This also allows controlled access to different parts of the system based on individual user security settings.

  • License Management
    At the core of the system is the ability to manage licenses. The system will support any number of license types, licensing terms, and configurations. Furthermore, any account may have any number of licenses. The system provides flexibility for setting license effective dates, and easily allows license status changes with a full history of changes readily available.

  • Continuing Education Tracking
    With many licensing boards, licensees are required to complete continuing education hours or credits each year in order to maintain their licensed status in good standing. The software allows for full accounting of continuing education credits for each account. The board can optionally maintain a preset list of approved courses which can be associated to any licensees who have completed the course, or simply enter courses completed by each participant. The system will track the total number of hours/credits completed each year per account. Licensees can also log into the website to view their continuing education hours, and submit any new courses completed. All courses submitted by participants from the website are marked as pending until approved by the board. The system also allows for random of selection of accounts by license type for audits. The CE audit system allows full tracking and determination of the compliance of each account selected to participate in the audit.

  • Disciplinary Actions Tracking
    The system will allow the full tracking of any disciplinary actions filed against licensees. The complaint can be recorded on the account and the status tracked as it progresses to either a disciplinary action or is dismissed. It allows full tracking of notes and key information pertinent to the complaint and makes this information readily available to all board administrators indefinitely.

  • Fees and Charges Tracking
    The system will track any fees, charges, and payments as they apply to each account. Each board maintains a list of charges and payment types that is relevant to the board, and can apply these charges against accounts. When payments are recieved from account, they can also be entered on the account to provide an accurate account balance. This information can then be used for financial reporting and accurate reporting for audits.

  • Online Credit Card Processing
    Boards that have established an account with the WV Treasurer's office can process credit cards live through the secure software. This allows the board to collect payments from licensees over the phone, in person, and over the internet. When a credit card is charged, the charge is automatically associated to the account to provide full financial audit capabilities. Licensees can submit credit card payments directly from the website 24x7.

  • Requests and Trouble Ticketing
    The ticketing system is an important part of the software that helps with tracking questions, issues, requests, and generally any actions or information pertinent to an account. Each board can maintain their own ticket types to fit their exact needs. Tickets can be assigned to any system user to allow for work assignment and tracking throughout the board. Tickets may also have charges associated with them, which would allow a charge to be applied to an account at either ticket creation or the close of the ticket if the ticket represent an action that results in a bill to the customer. For example, if a licensee requests a duplicate certificate, a ticket could be created and assigned to a board administrator to print and mail the certificate, once that board administrator printed the certificate, they would update the ticket to say it had been sent and close the ticket. When the ticket was closed it would automatically add a preset charge to the account for the fee associated with a duplicate license. The licensee could then submit payment or process their credit card online.

  • Email Management
    The system features an email utility that tracks contacts with accounts. If you click on an email address on the account page, you can complete a form to send an email to the participant. The email can be sent from the users email address or from a generic address for the board. Once sent, the message is associated to the account and viewable at any time. The licensee will receive an email, and will be able to see the message from the website, where they can easily respond. Responses are tracked within the system as well to provide a complete record of all communication. Further, their is a bulk mail feature within the system that allows sending messages to multiple accounts at once. Using a search feature, you can quickly identify accounts and send a mass emailing (such as a newsletter) to all accounts at once. These messages are associated back to each account and accessible by each account from the website.

  • Reporting
    A variety of reporting is available through the software. Reports can be quickly created for nearly any needs to allow for full audit and tracking capabilities, as well as full management of accounts and licenses.

  • Online License Applications
    New applicants are able to go to the website and create their own account and submit their application for a license. This process can be customized to the exact needs of the board to collect all needed information and documentation and collect payment. The processes can also be established for renewing licenses. By empowering the licensee to manage their own account and fill out all information online, the workload for board administrators is greatly reduced.

For more information about this software, pricing information, and more detailed functional documentation, contact WV Designs today!

Website: http://www.wvdesigns.com
Email: matthew@wvdesigns.com
Phone: 304-552-4851